UAS Mission Planning and Command & Control
Unova specializes in the creation of modular and scalable STANAG 4586 Human Computer Interfaces (HCIs) for Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS). These User-centric interfaces take into consideration the cognitive workload of an operator, the current task at hand, mission goals and course of actions for portrayal of information.

  • Real-time Dynamic Re-tasking
  • Coordination and Synchronization of UAVs
  • Various levels of Human-Machine Automation
  • Mission Planning Decision Aids
Maritime Situational Awareness
Unova is developing novel HCIs and target data dissemination updates to assist in the prevention of worldwide shipping piracy. These HCIs are coupled to a data fusion engine for real-time situational updates of piracy vessels for maritime course navigation. This maritime domain awareness system provides shipping and insurance companies with a common operational picture to mitigate the security and economic costs of world wide shipping piracy.

  • Real-time Piracy Threat Updates
  • User-Centric HCIs
  • Scalable Software Service from PCs to Android Platforms
  • Safe Navigation Toolset

Intelligent Software Services
Our software services incorporate a Semantic Service Oriented Architecture (SSOA) with intelligent reasoning and processing software agents. Each software agent contains a local neural network, semantic reasoning engine, data interfaces and scalable autonomous processing algorithms. Custom software services can be created to fulfill your organizations Big Data and mission critical information processing needs.

  • Knowledge Creation and Learned Behaviors from Big Data
  • Extended Context-Aware Belief, Desires, and Intentions Agent Model
  • Probabilistic Ontologies and Resource Description Framework Files
  • Decentralized Self Organizing Agent Network
  • Scalable Software Agents and Services
Cloud Knowledge Repositories and Data Dissemination
Whether its time-critical situational awareness entity updates or company mission critical information, our advanced knowledge processing cloud architectures can add value to your organizations software enterprise system. Our software infrastructure includes a semantic knowledge network for data discovery and knowledge building through the utilization of semantic software agents.

  • Semantic Reasoning Inference Engine
  • Learned Behaviors and Knowledge Bases
  • Intelligent Reasoning and Processing
  • Scalable Cloud Clusters and Workspaces